Readmission and Transfer

A student who wishes to apply for readmission or transfer to another program within Taylor College must meet the guidelines listed below. Students wishing to transfer previously earned credits should refer to the Transfer of Credit Policy.

A candidate for acceptance into a program at Taylor College will be reviewed and evaluated in a fair and unbiased manner. Taylor College will not refuse a qualified applicant on the basis of age, race, gender, disabilities or national origin. Taylor College reserves the right to deny admission to applicants for any reason that is deemed to be for the best interest of the Institution.

Students wishing to reapply into Taylor College should follow the steps listed below:

  • Step 1 – Schedule an appointment to meet with the Academic Dean to determine eligibility approval for readmissions.
  • Step 2 – Schedule an appointment or speak with the Bursar’s Office to determine if you have an outstanding balance. All outstanding fees must be paid prior to starting class.
  • Step 3 – Schedule an appointment with or speak with the Financial Aid Office to complete Exit Counseling in regard to any student loans you have used during your prior enrollment.
  • Step 4 – Schedule an appointment with admissions to attend an Information session to receive current application requirements for your program of interest.
  • Step 5 – Complete the application process prior to the program application deadline.
  • Step 6 – Candidates will be notified by mail of Taylor College’s conclusion regarding their readmission.