Document Request

For any Taylor College student requesting official documents from the college, we will gladly provide the necessary records being requested. Documents will be provided when a student has paid all of their financial obligations to the College.

Students must complete the Document Request Form and pay the required fee of $5.00 for each document being produced. This fee is charged to all students requesting a document from the College. The College reserves the right to withhold official documents from students under certain circumstances such as having an outstanding financial obligation to the College.

The following items are available to be received by completing the Document Request Form:

  • Admission Test Scores
  • Background Check
  • Student Personal Information (i.e. social security card, diploma, immunization record)
  • Other

NOTE: Documents can only be mailed or picked-up. Faxing documents are prohibited.

For any questions regarding the document request process, please contact the Registrar’s Office at