CAPTE Reaffirms Accreditation status of the Taylor College PTA Program

Taylor College received excellent news last Wednesday!

CAPTE has reaffirmed accreditation status of the Taylor College PTA Program for a period of ten years. The report indicated all standards and required elements have been met:

Commission’s Findings and Reasons for Decision:

The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education judged the program to be in compliance with all of the Standards and Required Elements for Accreditation of Physical Therapist Assistant Education Programs. The Commission appreciates the thorough and professional manner in which these obligations have been addressed.

In addition, the commission commended the Taylor College Physical Therapist Assistant Program as follows:


The Commission would like to commend the Program Director and the faculty for developing a comprehensive and high-quality program that recognizes the need for a strong faculty, strong inter-collegial interactions and strong ties to the clinical community. In addition, the program submitted a well-written, thorough, concise and comprehensive Self-study Report, which clearly conveyed the nature and scope of the educational experience.

The Taylor College PTA Program faculty, staff, and administration considers the education of our students a privilege. We will continue to serve our community by providing an excellent educational experience focused on graduating competent, ethical, and legal physical therapist assistants who will deliver high quality healthcare.