Mass Casualty

By: Tina Mitchell

Florida ranks among the top 5 states with the most natural disasters. The impact of disasters can easily overwhelm hospitals and healthcare facilities well after the storms dissipate. Natural disaster may take the form of hurricanes, tornados or floods while mass casualties may impact healthcare through shootings, explosions, and major traffic accidents. Regardless of the form a disaster may take it has become more evident that healthcare facilities need to increase preparedness and plan for the worst. Taylor College has joined the many agencies recognizing this need by developing a mass casualty/disaster drill simulation each semester.

On August 8th Taylor College student partnered with local emergency medical responders to simulate a prepared scenario highlighting their skills in leadership, triage, and patient care and management. This semester the Professional 14 and Bridge 9 displayed their knowledge of wound care, respiratory treatments, and organization during a code blue throughout the 90-minute drill. In addition, they were able to collaborate with the paramedics and practice their interdisciplinary SBAR reporting techniques. The senior students played nursing roles such as incident commanders, the administrator, triage, charge nurse, and staff nurses while the Professional 16 Fundamentals class exhibited their acting talents playing the roles of injured patients. All in all, everyone enjoyed this exercise, improved their knowledge, and enhanced their self-confidence by putting their wisdom (scholarship) in action.

Thank you to all the faculty who participated in the event it takes a team to make events like this come together. Lastly, a big thank should go out to the Belleview EMS members, we appreciate the opportunity to work with, learn from you, and receive feedback from you to help us improve each drill that takes place here at Taylor College.